Photos from the 2009 Chukka Champs

What a great day!!  On Saturday 31st October West Tamar hosted the Chukka Champs for 2009.

West Tamar started with three teams: Blake Miller, Flynn Miller and Taylor Clyne in Team 1; Emily McCarthy, Andrew McCarthy and Isabella McCafferty in team 2; and Ella Johnson, Deb Johnson and Teagan Voorham in Team 3.

It was a beautiful day with temperatures reaching up to 28 degrees; which had everyone looking for shade in-between chukkas. Emily McCarthy’s horse Hunter got a bit over excited and she had to retire. So Teagan replaced Emily and Deb played for another club that was short of players.  Ella wasn’t sure if her horse could handle all the excitement so she retired as well.

Each chukka followed quickly one after another with Deloraine giving West Tamar a bit of healthy competition in the final chukka.  Once again West Tamar had the loudest and funniest cheer squad.  All players showed great sportsmanship and team spirit, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  By the end of the day all West Tamar riders were proud of how they rode, and with our team 1 finishing in first place everyone was happy!!

A BIG thanks to Steve Clements for organising and putting so much time and effort into the practices and coaching our teams.  We hope to see more people getting in and having some fun next year!!

By Isabella McCafferty

The following photos were taken by Sven Johnson.  Many more photos can be viewed at the following web address:


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2009 Chukka Champs

2009 Chukka Champs

2009 Chukka Champs