West Tamar PC - Winners of the A Team Presentation Trophy

Our first thank you must go to Belinda Cossins, Games Coach, and her assistant, Katrina Miller, for all the hard work they put into getting our two games teams ready for the Northern Zone Games on the 11th May, and again for the State Games Championships on the 25th May.  Our teams looked extremely impressive, so impressive in fact that our A team won the A Team Presentation Trophy – and our B team were second in the B section.  Added to that, our A team placed third in the Zone Games and went on to win Division 2 at the State Games Championships on the 25th May.  Well done to all our team members, including Eve Hall, who jumped in as B team reserve at the Zone Games, at the last minute.

For those who worked in the background organising both Northern Zone and State games, thanks goes to many but especially to Chris Fialho, who spent many hours preparing programs, taking entries, confirming gear plus a range of other tasks including scoring at both Zone and State.  A big thank you also to Helmut Rechberger who worked behind the scenes to make sure stewards and the grounds etc were ready for the big day. Thanks to Marisa Hall for assisting with organising games equipment bags and those hardworking Canteen ladies, Maria & Lee-Anne and their many assistants on the day – where would we be without food!!   

We would also like to say a big thank you to Mike Davis for all the work he did moving the sand on the dressage arena, and to Gus Gudsell, David Hall and John Peart for all the work they did at the May rally.

Lastly, I would like to thank West Tamar Council who have been a strong supporter of West Tamar PC, and their 2007/08 Grant that enabled the club to purchase a Super Striper Line Marker.  Thank you to Marisa Hall for your ongoing application for grants of this kind.

Lastly I would like to thank Teresa Fialho who took some great photos of riders in action at the Northern Zone Games.  See the links in the left column to check out the photos.