Christine Fialho, Monday, 12 March 2012



Thank you to everyone who was involved with Trials. What a super group of people to work with! Everyone should be proud of themselves: the opportunity to work together like this was incomparable, and I know there were many strong friendships formed and knowledge shared and learned by many. The Northern Zone is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Launceston Pony Club had a sensational team, setting up and running the Dressage component of the Trials. Thank you to the judges and officials for running a superb spectators’ spectacle. The competition ran smoothly and allowed riders to produce some high standard tests. The grounds looked a treat, and the spit roast, run by Launceston, was a very enjoyable evening as well.

Deloraine’s scorers,  Rosanne Roles and Narelle Whatley, were undeniably busy, but extremely efficient and organised, getting the scores out quickly so riders, officials and spectators were kept up to the minute with any changes. Thank you for your help and equipment.

Biased here, of course, but West Tamar’s Cross Country ran smoothly with professional touches everywhere, and a massive team effort all round.  The canteen run by Donna McCafferty was an asset to the whole event, keeping the masses fed and watered. Thank you to the property owners Steve Clements and Rachel De Witt.  State TD, Hunter Doughty, Zone TD, Jamie Buckby, and Course Controller, Andy De Kaste were a formidable team keeping the riders, the course and XC judges, marshals, officials up to speed with expectations.  Thank you: Richard Ireland for designing, and to Sven Johnson for building a challenging, but safe course for riders and setting out a super spectator course as well. 

Lilydale Pony Club’s team built a an eye catching, challenging but flowing, show jumping course under the expertise of course builder, Judy Kilby, and it was skilfully judged by Carol Hobson.

Lisa Lucas and David Pyke were wonderful commentators, keeping competitors and the public informed about happening events.

Tas. Pony Club organised a wonderful dinner, with a terrific power point display. The MC, David Pyke, kept proceedings running smoothly with the aid of Lisa Lucas.  Hunter’s talk was very relevant to riders and equestrian people overall with today’s expectations, realities, and rules explained.  His sense of humour kept goals realistic and still down to earth for riders.

Thank you to stalwarts like Ann Graves, the Trials committee, Jess Pyke and Ginni Woof for getting the program sorted and especially to Deb Johnson and her extended family. Without them many areas would have not been finished off.

Many Lilydale, Midlands, Deloraine, Launceston, Birralee and Tas. members gave invaluable assistance to West Tamar over the weekend. Thank you very much; it was certainly one huge team effort.

Congratulations to competitors and all placegetters. The standard of riding, horsemanship and sportsmanship was a credit to all.

Thank you to absolutely everyone,

      Kind regards,

      Marisa Hall
         West Tamar Pony & Riding Club Inc. District Commissioner



Fairlands Trophy - Most succesful club over all 3 grades


Deloraine District Pony Club Placing 6 pts

Gr 1 Laura Johnson Copperfield Gold - 2nd 47.9

Gr 2 Sophie Roles Shopadoc - 2nd 50.0

Gr 3 Jessica Cowan Acurian Romanov - 2nd 50.4



Grade 1 Individual Club


1st Mykaela Briggs The Investigator H & D 38.8 Rug & A C Pegg Tiki - Member

2nd Laura Johnson Copperfield Gold Del 47.9 A C Pegg Plaque - Associate

3rd Carina Walton Pinterryon Del 51.8

4th Caleb Dales Starday Hunt 60.2 Paul Coulson Trophy - leading male


Grade 1 McGrath & Trinder PCAT Perpetual Cup

1st Deloraine 182.8

  Laura Johnson Copperfield Gold 47.9

  Carina Walton Pinterryon 51.8

  Carina Walton Super Gold 83.1


2nd North West Zone 513.4

  Laura Walker Chevalier FnPk 99.5

  Anna Murton Oscar Inglis 98.5

  Tayla Smith Snowmask MerVal 315.4


3rd Northern Zone B 529.1

  Bonnie Hall Royal Odyssey W.Tam 76.0

  Hayley Atkins Fernayre St Nick Birra 146.7

  Eve Hall Dr Suess W.Tam 306.4


4th Northern Zone A 544.3

  Alice Hirst Bandman Tas 70.4

  Stephanie Hendey May Milano Lily 154.0

  Emily Ruffo My Lopez Tas 319.9


Tom Johnston Shield - Best Dressage team Deloraine 152.4

Laura Johnson Copperfield Gold 43.5

Carina Walton Pinterryon 47.4

Carina Walton Super Gold 61.5



Grade 2 Individual


1st Tia Adams Bo Diddley Lily 44.8 Rug & Torchwood Oberon Memorial

2nd Sophie Roles Shopadoc Del 50.0 Trophy - Member

3rd Tia Adams Routley Lily 52.5

4th Sophie Gibson Springfield Bluechip Mids 54.4

5th Chelsea Davis Sir Rodger Birra 58.4 Forestry Tasmania Trophy - Associate


Grade 2 Teams Northern Zone Trophy


1st Northern Zone 157.6

  Tia Adams Bo Diddley Lily 44.8

  Chelsea Davis Sir Rodger Birra 58.4

  Sophie Gibson Springfield Blue Chip Mids 54.4


2nd Deloraine 178.2

  Sophie Roles Shopadoc 50.0

  Olivia Whatley Parle du Francais 59.6

  Reegan Heathcote Arch of Romsey 68.6

  Lucie Riley Calypso E


3rd Tasmanian 186.2

  Emily Ruffo My Jethro 58.7

  Erin Bowman Kingston's Toy Boy 63.7

  Katherine Temple Duke 63.8


4th North West Zone 200.9

  Ayla Sheppard Demarker Inglis 61.7

  Julie-Anne Walker Chester the Magnificent FnPk 63.0

  Sabrina Docherty Ila's Pride Leven 76.2

  Anna Murton Lady Stirling Inglis E



 Grade 3 A   Individual

  1st Ashleigh McSherry ScrubMaster Derw't 38.7

  2nd Alison Hall Sorbeaux MerVal 41.0

  3rd Jessica Pyke Gossip Girl TPRC 42.0

  4th Jessica Quinn Armani Fnpk 44.5


Grade 3 B   Individual

  1st Chelsea Roberts Monjestic L'ton 45.9

  2nd Jessica Cowan Acurian Romanov Del 50.4

  3rd Chelsea Rayner NG Majestic Star Kent 52.5

  4th Alice Hirst Butterscotch Brittle Tas 54.9


Grade 3 C   Individual

  1st Olivia Brennan Barrelyn Warlord Huon 40.2

  2nd Georgia Pearce Oceana Fine Leven 54.2

  3rd Celeste Meincke Romany Dancer H & D 61.7

  4th Tory Hood Anawa Painted Vision Mids 65.7


Grade 3 Teams Summers Hall Perpetual Trophy


1st Southern Zone 138.9

  Ashleigh McSherry Scrubmaster A Group 38.7

  Eliza Hazell Casual Maestro B Group 60.0

  Olivia Brennan Barrelyn Warlord C Group 40.2


2nd North Western Zone 147.7

  Alison Hall Sorbeaux A Group 41.0

  Chelsea Raynor NG Majestic Star B Group 52.5

  Georgia Pearce Oceana Fine C Group 54.2


3rd Northern Zone 157.9

  Ellen Sargent Sanvale Impression A Group 46.3

  Chelsea Roberts Monjestic B Group 45.9

  Tory Hood Anawah Painted Vision C Group 65.7


4th Deloraine District Pony Club 168.8

  Danielle Whatley Dragonwyck A Group 51.7

  Jessica Cowan Acurian Romanov B Group 50.4

  Sophie Orchard Cheraton Fascinaion C Group 66.7



Anna Murton from Inglis P.C. on lady Stirling for Sportsmanship when under pressure

David Gardiner from Circular Head P.C. identified as a rising star

Bonnie Hall from West Tamar for brilliant cross country round, TD Award

Hayley Atkins from Birralee P.C. for Sportsmanship when under pressure

Laura Johnson from Tas P.C. for good sportsmanship and etiquette

Debbie Dales from  Huntingfield  P.C. a rising star, a lovely show jumping round.







·       PCAT /Horseland- financial assistance

·       Mutiskilled Welding and Engineering at Beaconsfield - financial assistance and work in kind

·       Northern Zone PCAT – financial assistance

·       Tas Alkaloids – financial assistance

·       West Tamar Council – financial assistance and ‘Event Rubbish Collection’ 

·       Cables Plus - donation of wiring for PA systems    

·       KPR Industrial North - donation of speakers for PA systems

·       Manion’s Coaches - discount hire and fuel donated

·       Rebecca White MP – financial assistance

·       Heritage Isle Credit Union – financial assistance  

·       Lee Jameison from Coprice -  donation of CopRice horse feed for prizes

·       Wing Rural – donation of bags of chaff for prizes

·       John Harland horse physio/chiropractor – financial assistance   

·       Will Edwards Lawyers - embroidered woollen horse rug   

·       Suebis Uniforms and Embroidery services – embroidered woollen horse rug

·       Allan’s Garden Centre Youngtown - donation of plants and floral items

·       Dick Adams MP – financial assistance 

·       Greg Hall – financial assistance 

·       Roberts - range of goods for bags

·       Elders  - range of items for bags

·       La La Land, Beaconsfield - loan of plants



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