The Club's Canteen - a major fundraising source


The Club conducts a canteen at every rally, offering a variety of hot foods, snacks and refreshments. Whilst families are welcome to bring their own food and drinks, our canteen is a major source of fundraising so we encourage members to support the canteen.  We have an appointed Canteen Coordinator whose task it is to conduct the canteen at each rally. 


Cleaning Roster


All families are rostered to clean our wonderful facilities at the end of each rally.  If you can't attend the rally when it is your turn to clean, it is your responsibility to find someone to swap with.




1.   All bins including those outside must be emptied into the green wheelie bin 

2.   Canteen floor to be swept and mopped.

3.   Toilets and hand basins to be cleaned and disinfected. 

4.   Hall floor to be swept if needed.

5.   Refill hand wash, toilet paper and paper towel.