Rally Day

Rally Day

All riders must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all rallies. No rider is to be left at a rally (including before and after the rally) without parental supervision.  If a parent needs to leave a rally for any reason, the rider must be left in the care of a person designated by the parent as a supervisor, the DC must be informed and the absent parent rally book be signed off before the parent leaves the rally. This policy is strictly adhered to in the interests of riders’ safety.  It is also an insurance requirement.

Please carefully supervise younger family members whom may attend the rally with you.  Only Pony Club members are permitted to ride at rallies and riders are not permitted to ride others members’ horses at the rally, unless under an instructor’s supervision or after obtaining permission from the DC. 

If your child's pony needs to be led, it is the responsibility of a parent or nominated adult to do it. Suitable enclosed footwear must be worn by the leader.

The working rally is the basis of the Pony Club calendar.  Rallies are usually held on the first Sunday of each month, but this date may change in some circumstances e.g. where perhaps it clashes with another event.  Any changes to dates are immediately notified through the Club newsletter.

If a Club member is unable to attend a rally, they must inform the Chief Instructor (CI) as soon as possible.  Rallies are organised according to the number of riders attending, therefore in order to arrange instructors and lessons, it is essential that the CI has an accurate record of riders.  Failure to advise the CI of inability to attend a rally will inconvenience instructors and fellow riders as well as affecting your rider’s optimum lesson grouping.

On rainy days, theory lessons are arranged, however if the weather is too bad in the morning the rallies may be cancelled.  Cancellations can be confirmed by ringing the DC after 8:30 am.

Rally days are conducted as follows:

Riders should arrive at pony club around 8:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. so that they are ready for the gear check at 9:15 a.m. sharp.  Riders may not join a rally without having a gear check.  Gear Check is where the rider and horse’s gear is inspected for safety, fitting and correctness of standard.  Riders must present for gear check before commencing lessons.

Four lessons of one hour each are conducted, which may include a flat riding lesson, showjumping, cross country and a horsemastership lesson.  A variety of other activities and lessons may be included.  On the morning of the rally, a list of riders’ groups and lessons are displayed on a board situated on the oval.

Riders’ lesson groupings at Pony Club rallies are based upon age and riding ability, as enjoyment with riders of their own age and friendship within groups is paramount.  As riders complete Pony Club efficiency tests, they generally stay with their group as they move through to the next test.  The CI and DC are responsible for the allocation of riders to their groups, so if you have any concerns that your child’s grouping is not appropriate, please approach either of these persons for advice.  It is often beneficial for a rider to start in a group which will initially offer encouragement and confidence, after which the rider may then be moved to a more appropriate group.

Parking at Edinburgh Park

Upon arrival at the rally, parents are asked to park their vehicles and floats, leaving at least a 6m distance between their float and adjacent floats.  This is to reduce the likelihood of horses kicking or pulling back and damaging other floats/cars/horses or injuring riders.  This type of accident results in the majority of insurance claims in pony clubs.  Horses should be tied to string, which is attached to a solid object.  Under no circumstances are horses to be tied to a float that is not attached to a vehicle.  Any visitors’ passenger vehicles (not attached to a float) must be parked away from the horse float area.  Horses must only travel at walking pace near cars and floats.

No dogs are allowed on the grounds, except on a leash.

Before you leave at the end of the day;  all yards, around the floats and the dressage arenas must have all poo and hay cleaned up. Bring a poo bucket or chaff sack with you